Caroline Ji

Artist member since 2019
Toronto, Ontario

Caroline Ji is a self-taught artist with a previous background in engineering. In 2014 she left her engineering career to begin painting. She picked up oil painting in that year and has been practicing as a full-time professional artist since 2015.

Her current body of work explores solitude that stems from an introverted personality, and uses both the figure and still life as the subject. She considers her work narrative paintings, but the narrative is told through the mood and atmosphere. Her inspirations come from life and people around her, as well as memories and an awkward understanding of cultural identity from being both Canadian and Chinese. Caroline's technique is influenced by Classical painting and the Old Masters, but she has gradually evolved to step away from traditional realistic paintings to explore more abstracted ways of image making in terms of design and composition while still maintaining the feel of the physical world.

Caroline received her BASc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo in 2012. Her paintings are collected in private collections across Canada, USA, and Europe. She has exhibited in Canada and USA.

Caroline Ji is currently represented by Sivarulrasa Gallery in Almonte, Ontario.

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Sivarulrasa Gallery, Almonte


University of Waterloo
Electrical Engineering